Web meetings, i.e. video conferences via the Internet, are a good way of bringing people together virtually to exchange information, agree on common goals and plan the course of action. Parents, educators, therapists and doctors, for example, come together in this way in a way that would otherwise seldom be possible, because the web meeting saves all participants the journey to a common meeting place, makes it possible to access the resources available there at one's own workplace or at home as needed, and is unsurpassably secure with regard to infection prevention.

However, this type of virtual meeting also requires compliance with the currently applicable regulations with regard to the protection of personal data. The following requirements must be met for the web meeting to take place:

  • The participants must be released from the obligation to maintain confidentiality by the patient or the legal guardians.
  • The participants must ensure, when choosing the spatial conditions, that uninvolved persons in the vicinity cannot gain knowledge of the contents of the discussion. 3. the technical equipment used must be suitable for the purpose.
  • The technical equipment used and the software installed on it must be state of the art and protected against access by third parties.
  • A conference protocol must be used that guarantees end-to-end encryption - ideally a non-proprietary, open-source protocol.
  • The communication server used, if any, must be located in the EU, better still in Germany, and offer its services in compliance with the GDPR

For sessions initiated by me, I will send you an internet address and a password in advance. With this data, you can participate in the session via your browser. They are only valid for one session. New access data will be generated and sent for any further appointments.