The operation of a website is automatically accompanied by the collection and storage of personal data of users. For example, the IP address of the user accessing the website is automatically stored, furthermore information such as the browser used or from which other website the user has accessed this website. Another example: Anyone who uses the e-mail address provided and sends a message automatically discloses personal data that is stored on the mail server.

Important: I take the protection of your data very seriously. For this reason, the collection and storage of data is limited to the minimum necessary. I do not use any analysis tools. I do not store detailed usage data in cookies when you visit my website, and certainly not sensitive data such as your name. You cannot log in or fill out contact forms on my website, thus you cannot transmit any personal data beyond your IP address, and yet SSL encryption is used for data transmission (HTTPS protocol). I have not integrated social networks. Third-party data is consistently not integrated. In short, you are visiting a website that holds information for you without wanting to gain much information about you, that transports data to and from you in a secure way, and that helps to ensure that no one else finds out that you have visited my website and what you have read there. More data protection is hardly possible.

Below I provide some explanations of the sections of the privacy policy.
Important: These explanations do not replace the privacy policy. They are merely meant to help you understand the rather dry explanations of the privacy policy a little better. Click on Privacy in the menu to read the Privacy Policy.

Provision of the website and creation of log files

The aforementioned storage of IP address, browser, operating system, time of access and the address from which someone accessed this website takes place automatically - in a so-called log file. The IP address, i.e. your address on the net (which, incidentally, changes daily for many Internet users) is only stored for seven days and then made unrecognizable. The content management system, i.e. the program that provides the articles published on the website, also stores data, namely the pages you have visited during a session. However, this data is not stored beyond the session.

The most important thing here: There is no analysis of your browsing behavior and no linking with other personal data.

Integration of third party content

Many people don't know and / or don't even notice: media such as images and videos or fonts could be displayed on a website that are located on a different server at another provider. Viewing such content would result in your IP address and other data being stored on other servers as well - including the information that you were on my website. To prevent this, my website only uses content that is actually located on the server where my website is also located. Also fonts like Google Fonts are not used for this reason.

Cookies use

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer and retrieved from the website. They are often used to recognize you and your usage behavior when visiting a website, even over a longer period of time. In principle, any amount of data about you could be stored in them and be available to the website again the next time you visit. My content management system sets only one cookie (and this automatically without my intervention), a so-called session cookie. It contains only a random string of characters - nothing else - and is used to simplify navigation through the content offered. When you close your browser, this cookie is automatically deleted. The next time you visit my website, you will therefore be a "blank slate". An evaluation of your usage behavior does not take place.

E-mail contact

However, when you send me an e-mail (for example, via the link provided on my website), I receive a lot of personal data from you: Your email address, your name (if you write it in the message or if the email address contains it) and the text you write in the message. This email is stored in my inbox after it is sent. Of course, I will respond to you if you ask for it, and until your request is completed, our email conversation will of course be saved. All this data will be kept confidential, will not be shared with third parties and will not be used to send you unsolicited advertisements or the like.

Rights of the data subject

The General Data Protection Regulation provides many rights for you as a user of my website: For example, you can request information about the type and scope of the data stored about you, request the deletion of this data or arrange for the correction of incorrect data - and much more.